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The Rime

Three Performances ONLY 

Gabriel Portuondo presented a special BENEFIT performance of THE RIME, outdoors at the Montauk Lighthouse,
Friday, September 3, and Saturdays September 11, and September 18, 2021.
All proceeds went to the preservation of the Montauk Lighthouse.
For more information on the Montauk Lighthouse, Click HERE!




The epic ballad, written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge during the Romantic era and published in 1798, comes to life in this mysterious and spellbinding journey.


Coleridge's stylistic use of narrative, personification, and repetition create epic rolls of emotional impact, bursts of foreboding, a palpable feeling of danger and deja vu, great looming shadows, and visions of the supernatural.


In this terrifying and miraculous tale, the infamous Albatross is shot and killed by the Mariner with his crossbow. In a tormented rage, his shipmates hang the great carcass of the seabird around the Mariner's neck as a heavy burden of his guilt. This prompts the wrath and hostility of the spirits, who visit our Mariner's ship from the land of "mist and snow" on their ghostly vessel.  As the crew members die one by one, only the Mariner lives on - cursed by the eyes of the corpses surrounding him, as slimy things curl and stew and glisten, covering the rotting floorboards of the ship.


Performed by Gabriel Portuondo

Directed by Kelly Monroe Johnston

Sound Design by Martha Goode

The Rime was developed with Magis Theatre Company