The Genesis Plays
The Abraham Play

The Abraham Play Jon Dalin Photo by Maria Baranova

The Rebecca Play

The Rebecca Play Jon Adam Ross & Darian Dauchan Photo by Maria Baranova

The Jacob Play

The Jacob Play Jon Adam Ross & Luis Ordaz Photo by Maria Baranova

The Leah Rachel Play

The Leah Rachel Play Jon Levin & Brandon Blake Photo by Maria Baranova

The Sarah Play

The Sarah Play Stephanie Rocio & Stephanie Dauman Photo by Maria Baranova

The Genesis Plays

From May 1-18, 2018 Goode Productions was honored to work with The In[heir]itance Project to produce The Genesis Plays at the Theater at the 14th St. Y.

Inspired by five unique narratives in the book of Genesis, these plays were devised between

2015-2017 in Minneapolis, Charleston, Austin, Seattle and Kansas City.


The In[heir]itance Project is a national arts organization that collaborates with communities throughout the creative process, combining their lived experiences and sacred* narratives through a unique methodology of collective research, artmaking, and reflection.

We interpret ‘sacred text’ to mean any narrative that holds meaning for the community. They could be ancient religious, mythic, cultural or patriotic texts, personal and universal stories, attitudes and archetypes, local lore (current or historical), or popular media and culture.


The In[heir]itance Project is building a national network of creative communities connected to and strengthened by the wisdom of their inherited texts, while inspiring other artists and experiential educators to adopt and expand our methodology.