Anaïs Nin Goes to Hell
Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Parts of Parts & Stitches
Family Shakespeare
Costa Rehab
Barrier Island

Manhattan Theatre Works

MTWorks (2006- 2016) was dedicated to discovering new plays that challenge our perception of diversity (ethnic, economic, geographic, gender, sexuality or creed). 

They fostered today’s innovative playwrights that boldly take risks in theme, structure, time-period, and location by collaborating with exceptional theatre artists to develop their plays through the Living Room Series, Newborn Festival, and mainstage productions. 


Manhattan Theatre Works (MTWorks), originally known as Maieutic Theatre Works, started producing thought provoking new plays in the Fall of 2006 with Folie A Deux: Insanity in Pairs written by Co-Founder and former Artistic Director David Stallings, directed by Co-Founder and former Executive Director Cristina Alicea, produced by Co-Founder Antonio Miniño. What started as a trio of like-minded artists has grown into a family of over 50 talented MTWorkers dedicated to developing new ground breaking diverse plays from around the world.


Today, members of the MTWorks family can be found producing, directing, designing and performing all across the country. You can see what they are up to in our News section.