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Mar 20, 2021
In Whiterock Cliff 2021
Greetings, fellow theater travelers! We are so excited to get back to performing, even if our enjoyment of the show is still in isolation. Since we cannot go grab a bite afterward, or whisper with our seatmates in the theater, we look to the customs of the Appalachian Trail to help us share this experience. On the AT, when you reach a shelter, you may find registers, a sort of communal journal for those experiencing the trail. People share their trials, victories, failures, hopes, stories, and information for fellow hikers. We want this forum to be like a theater register; a place for our audience to share their experiences, and to explore the experiences of other audience members, as this show grows from this version to the next, and a historical record as we (hopefully soon) get to meet at a bar or restaurant down the block from the theatre and share our thoughts on that night's performance. Hi! Welcome to the Premiere of Whiterock Cliff! I'm so happy you are joining us for this adventure!
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